How To Plan the Perfect Bathroom Remodel in Lancaster

Thinking about remodeling your home in Lancaster, PA? The bathroom is a great place to start! Not only is your bathroom one of the easiest areas to renovate when you work with experienced designers, but it can also add untold beauty, functionality, and value to your home. In this blog, Quality Tiling & Design will share four tips to plan the perfect bathroom remodel in Lancaster, so you finally achieve the bathroom makeover you’ve always wanted!


Don’t Forget About Storage

When starting a bathroom remodel, we know how tempting it can be to dive headlong into all the fun and exciting design elements. From artisan tiles to high-tech showerheads, there are countless amazing features you can add to upgrade your bathroom. However, storage space is a critical aspect of any bathroom remodel that often gets overlooked.

Just think about it — you need places to keep toilet paper, towels, soap refills, and dozens of other items. At Quality Tiling & Design, our experienced designers know how to maximize your storage without sacrificing your space. This will help you keep things clean and organized, so the new look of your bathroom can truly shine through.


Replace Outdated Fixtures

If you’re looking to add a little luxury to your bathroom, then you’ll want to upgrade your fixtures. These include showerheads, faucets, towel racks, and more, which can improve the style and functionality of your bathroom. As the premier bathroom remodeling company in Lancaster, we’re well-acquainted with all the gorgeous and trendy fixtures that can highlight your renovated bathroom’s design. Contact us today for a quote!


Elevate Your Bathroom’s Aesthetic

If your current bathroom feels more like a castle dungeon than a porcelain throne, it’s definitely time to update your bathroom’s appearance. These days, there are dozens of high-end finishes we can install in your bathroom to bring it into the 21st century. Whether you’re interested in stunning marble for your countertops, natural pebble tiles for your shower floor, or a striking glass basin for your sink, Quality Tiling & Design has the design services and options for you.


Consult a Professional Designer

We’re big fans of the can-do attitude that propels many homeowners in Lancaster to tackle their own DIY renovation projects. However, bathroom renovations involve many complicated processes like plumbing and tiling, which makes them more suitable for professionals.

When you work with a professional bathroom renovation company like Quality Tiling & Design, you can benefit from a team that will handle your remodel from design to execution. We’ve helped dozens of satisfied homeowners stay on schedule and on budget while we took their bathroom to the next level. Browse our gallery to view some of our past projects and gain inspiration for your own bathroom makeover!

Are you ready to take your bathroom from drab to dramatic? From bland to beautiful? From failing to functional? If so, get in touch with Quality Tiling & Design today, so we can get started on your long-awaited bathroom renovation!

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